Our Story

Founded in 1990 under the name of Nayak Clinical Laboratory. Situated in Navi-Mumbai, today Clinitech Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most trusted diagnostic centre & pathology lab. As we complete 30 years in this field, we strongly believe in adhering to the highest quality of service by incorporating new innovations and delivering it with great efficiency. A brainchild of Jagdish Nayak & Jyoti Nayak, Nayak Clinical Laboratory in 1996 became Nayak Pathology Laboratory. Since 2010, we have been recognised as Clinitech Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. Today, we are one of the most referred Diagnostic centre in Thane and pathology labs in Airoli by major healthcare centres & hospitals. We have successfully established our branches in pathology laboratries in Kalyan & Dombivali in 2012 & 2016 respectively and we are one of the best clinical laboratory.